UFW marchers arrive in Sacramento, 8/26/2022

On a sweltering Friday, a United Farm Workers-led caravan of protestors arrived in the California state capitol.  The event marked the terminus of a 335-mile march north across the Central Valley to demonstrate support for AB2183, which proposed protections for farm workers' voting rights in union elections. I photographed these images for a forthcoming story I am writing for the Berkeley Political Review about the protest and the significance of the bill's subsequent passage. Here is a preview:

Like a gathering flood, the United Farm Workers-led caravan of protestors surged towards the state capitol. Along the capitol mall, a throng of supporters gathered in a state of animated anticipation.

The approaching human mass was a cacophony of sensory stimulation.

The Chicano Styles motorcycle club acted as a vanguard for the marchers on foot, thundering towards the capitol building on a pack of candy-painted choppers glistening in the bright midday sun. Behind them a river flowed forth. The protestors were weary but spirited. Many wore work clothes: sun-faded jeans and thick high-top boots, wide-brimmed hats and red UFW t-shirts.

Among the marchers traditional dancers pirouetted and stomped their feet to the rhythm of drums pushed tirelessly along on wheeled carts. Some burned bundles of incense, filling the air with wisps of aromatic smoke. As the caravan descended on the capitol building, a chorus of conch shells filled the air.

The dancers’ brightly colored penachos, or pheasant-feather headdresses, swayed and undulated in time with the beat. Their ankles bore ornately-adorned cuffs of cowry beads; with each rhythmic footfall, the figurative heartbeat of the movement pulsated through the crowd.

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