I am an experienced photojournalist who seeks to capture history as it unfolds moment by moment. During my time in the field, I have covered a wide range of subjects and events ranging from protests to concerts to portraits of politicians.

My work has been published in numerous media outlets, including the Daily Californian, Richmond Pulse, KQED, Berkeley Political Review, and Berkeley Scientific Journal. At present, I work as the head photo editor for Daily Californian, where I direct and oversee a team of 50+ staff photographers.

As a photojournalist, I aim to capture powerful and emotional images, and I approach each assignment with a sense of purpose and commitment to telling the story behind the picture. I hope that I can use my craft to shed light on important issues and bring attention to the stories that matter most.

Goddess of Wisdom

Dobbs v. Jackson

UFW marchers arrive in Sacramento

Charlie Kirk at UC Berkeley

Joey Bada$$ at the Regency

Cal football features

Oakland Psychedelic Conference 2022

People's Park protest

2022 Richmond mayoral race

UAW strike

Definitely not last

Mozzy on Lower Sproul

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